Product Benefits

Perfect for the professional coach builder

Perfect for commercial RV and DIY builders

  • Duralite® is a lightweight system, improving vehicle fuel economy

  • It's faster and easier to build stunning cost-effective interiors

  • A range of exciting finish colour options for individual customisation

  • Tough edges and corners withstand even the toughest treatment

  • Damage to panels from moisture penetration is eliminated

  • Unobtrusive internal trunking and wiring improves the aesthetics

  • Future-proof your investment with easy and cost-effective upgradeability

  • Duralite® is an ideal interior system for recreational vehicle refurbishment

  • Easy and low cost to customise or modify layouts and designs

  • Building your vehicle interior with Duralite® can improve its resale value

  • Our modular system makes it easy to build complete interiors

  • We are your one-stop supplier for all system components

  • Duralite® is compatible with commercial CNC manufacturing methods