Panels can be cut with a variety of hand tools such as hand saws or portable tools, jigsaws, routers & drills.


CNC routers are suitable for larger production.

Rigid plastic mouldings generally are cut with an electric mitre dropsaw or a fine panel saw.

Semi-rigid mouldings are cut with a pair of snips or a box cutter knife.

Duralite® is an attractive and easy to use lightweight construction system that is suitable for recreational vehicles, boats, caravans, horse float accommodation, fifth wheelers, slide on units, tiny houses, EV vehicles and portable housing.

Whilst Duralite® is not designed to be submerged in water, the Duralite® system protects the panel edges against water intrusion and damage and the pre-finished surface on the panels has a waterproof surface.

Any natural timber veneer surface would need additional protective treatment to make it fully water resistant.

The core of the Duralite® panel incorporates a self-extinguishing fire retardant polystyrene (code AS 1366).

Duralite® panels are not considered to be sound proof.

The nature of materials & construction method of the panels provide thermal insulation.

Using the Duralite® heated probe tool a cavity of approximately 14mm in width is formed in the core of the polystyrene to accept a 12mm flexible conduit. Services are then run through the conduit.

Panels can be curved and fixed by cutting a series of slots in the rear surface of the panel and in the base mould.

We recommend warm soapy water for general cleaning of pre-finished surfaces.

Do not use abrasive cleaners on any Duralite® components as this will permanently damage the surface.

A soft school eraser can be used to remove pencil marks.

White spirits are suitable for removing SikaFlex adhesive residue.

Nominal thickness of each composite panel is approx. 19.8mm.

Nominal thickness of each thin liner panel is 3mm

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The system does require certain tools for installation. The main ones are:

  • Portable electric jigsaw, bench saw, mitre box, fine handsaw or picture frame drop saw

  • Electric drill, screwdriver (pozi drive type or battery operated screwdriver)

  • Router with plunge capability (16mm tungsten router bit)

  • Box cutter knife

  • Caulking glue gun

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All components are warranted against manufacturing defect for a period of 12 months from purchase under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. This includes the following components:

  • Panels

  • Mouldings

  • Fixings

  • Hardware

  • Adhesives

Yes using the Duralite® acrylic lining glued to Duralite® composite panels for walls with Simson 703 glue supplied. Duralite® mouldings seal and waterproof corners.

Yes Duralite® Modular Systems provide a fixing option using Hollow wall anchors (HWA) with a M4 – 16mm machine screw. Each HWA supports a 10kg rating, also addition of a thin aluminium plate glued to the surface of the Duralite® panels. The core polystyrene can easily be removed and a 14mm fillet of timber glued where required.

Using mounting plates and blocks M4-16mm screws, hollow wall anchors (HWA) and see technical page and DIY projects parts catalogue.